Tijs Goldschmidt appointed 6th Eugène Dubois chair
Dutch evolutionary biologist and science writer Tijs Goldschmidt will deliver lectures in the autumn of 2021.
Inaugural lecture Prof. José Joordens, 13 June
Prof. Joordens has been appointed Naturalis Dubois Chair in Hominin Paleoecology and Evolution
How to get ahead in academia?
On 12 September 2018, Prof. Katerina Harvati gave a lecture on career planning tips for PhD candidates and junior researchers at Maastricht University.
Public lecture: Evolution of the Genus Homo
On 12 September 2018, Prof. Katerina Harvati gave a public lecture in Maastricht on the evolution of our own genus Homo.
Photos lecture George Maat on bipedalisation of mankind
Prof. Katerina Harvati appointed Eugène Dubois Chair 2018
Join the public lecture and lecture series on 6-8 March 2018
6 November: Public lecture
The Evolution of Intelligence, by Prof. Carel van Schaik
15 May: Lecture by Prof. Carel van Schaik
The Diary of Mankind: How The Hebrew Bible was created
5 March: Spring Lecture
Neanderthals at De Kaap in Rijckholt-Sint Geertruid, by Yannick Raczynski-Henk