About us

The Eugène Dubois Foundation was established to bring greater renown to the versatile Dutch scientist Eugène Dubois (Eijsden, 1858-Haelen, 1940).

The Eugène Dubois Foundation (Eijsden) was established in September 2010 and has three main objectives:

  • Promoting awareness of the scientific work of Eugène Dubois, particularly in the field of evolutionary biology.
  • Stimulating interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary knowledge, particularly of innovative nature, related to evolution and human science.
  • Promoting initiatives and activities communicating science to wide audiences (academic as well as non-academic).

The foundation seeks to achieve its objectives by acquiring grants and funds, the establishment and maintenance of the (annually rotating) Eugène Dubois Chair at Maastricht University, and by deploying public activities around Dubois and topics related to him as a person and to his scientific work (lectures; publications; advise to interested parties; educational projects; exhibitions).

Board members
Prof. Dr. Joep Geraedts (1948) (chairman) – emeritus Maastricht University (2013), professor Genetics and cell biology; former head Department Clinical Genetics AZM.

Prof. dr. Wim Buurman (1948) – emeritus Maastricht University, professor of Metabolism and immunity.

Ir. Harry Fekkers (1949) – former board advisor Maastricht University.

Ir. Jean Pierre de Warrimont (1948) – a former physicist at DSM. Special interests: palaeolithic archaeology Euregion Meuse-Rhine; history Eugène Dubois.

Ms. Sueli Brodin (1966) – United Nations University-MERIT and Maastricht University (Editor and Communications Officer); Special interests: communications and modern media, languages, history.

Ir. Guy Dubois

Financial annual report
Our Financial annual reports are accessible online (in Dutch).