Museum The Ursuline Convent in Eijsden: Museum The Ursuline Convent consists of The Family Museum and Afrika Anders (Africa Differently), which found its origin in The Africa Centre in Cadier en Keer. In The Family Museum you will be given a varied insight into the history of man in his family relationship: from the first man until today with special attention to DNA, the Eijsden born scientist Eugene Dubois, Heraldry, Charlemagne, Iconography and Genealogy. Afrika Anders is a museum on the origin of life, life in town and the end of life, with lots of sculptures, masks, photographs and a marvellous collection of toys and surprising tombs. The museum is situated in a 19th century Ursuline Convent with beautiful stained-glass windows. It hosts a museum cafeteria with extensive menu, a tourist bureau and a museum shop.