Replica of Pithecanthropus erectus in Eijsden

The Eugène Dubois Foundation is very proud of its new acquisition, a replica of the statue of Pithecanthropus erectus (Java Man) sculpted originally by Eugène Dubois himself for the Paris World Fair of 1900. The original statue was exhibited in the building that now houses the famous Musée de l’ Homme.

Dubois‘ reconstruction of the ape-man caused quite a stir, in part because of its nakedness. Therefore, at certain hours of the day, the genitals were covered with an animal skin. The original plaster statue still exists and because of its fragility it is kept in the depot of Naturalis in Leiden.

This new replica is the work of natural history artist and paleontologist Hans Brinkerink from Baarn, the Netherlands.

The replica is now on display in the Foundation Eugène Dubois Room at the International Museum for Family History in Eijsden, near Maastricht, Aachen and Liège.