Summer Lecture: When did Homo Sapiens leave Africa? (in Dutch)

The board of the Eugène Dubois Foundation has the honour to invite you to attend the Eugène Dubois summer lecture “When did Homo Sapiens leave Africa?” on Sunday 19 June from 11.00 – 13.00. The speaker will be Prof. Filip Van Peer and the lecture will be in Dutch.

Prof Philip Van Peer is Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology at the Catholic University of Leuven. He did Palaeolithic research in Northern Africa, in the lössgroeve Kesselt-On Schans to the west of Daalhof (2006-2008) in Maastricht and is currently working on a Stone Age Project in the eastern valley of Flanders (2014-2018).

Human fossils found in Indonesia by Eugène Dubois are still an important empirical support for the ‘Out of Africa I-theory. Much later Homo Sapiens – anatomically modern humans – emigrated from their African homeland. The lecture starts with a presentation of the Out of Africa theory II which is subsequently subjected to a thorough critique.

Based on his own fieldwork and research in Northeast Africa, Prof Van Veer will present a different perspective on the spread of Homo Sapiens and the historical role of this species.

Your presence will be greatly appreciated.

Location: Ursuline Convent Museum: Breusterstraat 27 Eijsden, tel 043-7370202.

The fee for this lecture is € 5, and includes one drink.