Boeken over Dubois en Evolutie

Pat Shipman: The Man Who Found the Missing Link
Pat Shipman is a great writer. Eugene Dubois is a fascinating story. And while I thoroughly enjoyed and learned much from this book, there was one irritating factor that was seldom easy to ignore. If you plan on reading The Man Who Found the Missing Link you may want to skip the rest of this review and not look back to the “Notes” beginning on page 455. Suspend your disbelief and possible skepticism regarding the conversations that take place, and the book will likely be nothing but a joyous ride for you.

Ch. Darwin: Over het ontstaan van soorten
in de vertaling van Ludo Hellemans
ISBN 9789057122545, 402 pag., 2007, Paperback € 15
“Eindelijk een nieuwe, sierlijke en heldere vertaling van Ludo Hellemans. Darwin heeft een sympathieke, bedachtzame en ook precieze stijl en die heeft Hellemans heel goed behouden. (…) Het is onvoorstelbaar hoe actueel dit boek nog altijd is. (…) Om al die redenen wordt wel eens gezegd dat The Origin of Species het belangrijkste boek van het voorbije millennium is, en daar is heel wat voor te zeggen. Bovendien is het nu mooi uitgegeven en voortreffelijk vertaald, zodat het zonder twijfel nu al de onontkoombaarste heruitgave van het jaar is.”
— Geerdt Magiels, Standaard der Letteren

Richard E. Leakey en L. Jan Slikkerveer: Man-Ape Ape-Man: The Quest for Human’s Place in Nature and Dubois’ Missing Link.

Paul C.H. Albers and John de Vos: Through Eugène Dubois’ eyes, Stills of a turbulent life
Eugène Dubois, the man who found the “missing link” between apes and humans, intended to write a book about his finds in Indonesia. He never finished it. In this current volume the outlines of Dubois’ book are reconstructed. Recently discovered correspondence with his intended publisher shed new light on the troublesome character of Dubois and his inability to communicate with the scientific establishment. This volume also discloses the vast amount of photographic material that is part of the Dubois Collection at Naturalis, the National Museum of Natural History in Leiden, the Netherlands. As Pat Shipman summarizes it in her preface: “[…] what this book offers, it is more: more images, more letters, more details, more insight into the workings of a brilliant but unquestionably difficult man of science. We shall not see Dubois’ like again so it is doubly fortunate that Albers and de Vos have uncovered so much about his life.”

Bert Theunissen: Eugène Dubois en de aapmens van Java een bijdrage tot de geschiedenis van de paleoantropologie
Published 1985 by Rodopi in Amsterdam , ISBN 10 9062039375. Alleen nog verkrijgbaar als tweede-hands boek en in het Engels: ISBN-10 1556080816 of 1556080824.
`Eugène Dubois and the Ape-Man from Java does not tell us everything we might want to know about its subjects, but it does place them in clear historical perspective and correct misinformation about them that has been around for a long time. Its contribution to the historiography of anthropology is overdue.’
Paul A. Erickson.